We accept Medi-Cal as full payment for services through 24 weeks. Patients with private insurance should check with their insurer about coverage. Click here for instructions about how to apply for Medi-Cal.

Patients without insurance coverage are required to bring cash, Visa or Mastercard for payment. Prices are based on gestational duration.


Our prices include ultrasound, counseling, a pre-operative examination, and the abortion. For medical abortion, services include a follow-up visit.

Even though we are a clinic based within a trauma hospital, we have been able to keep our cash prices affordable to help those most in need.

Prices vary based on gestational duration:

Medication abortion
Aspiration abortion
Dilation and evacuation

To 10 weeks 0 days
To 13 weeks 6 days
14 to 19 weeks
20 to 24 weeks