San Francisco General’s abortion clinic accepts Medi-Cal as full payment for abortion care through 24 weeks. Patients with private insurance should check with their insurer about coverage. Click here for instructions about how to apply for Medi-Cal.

Patients without insurance coverage are required to bring cash, Visa or Mastercard for payment. Prices are based on gestational duration.


Our prices include ultrasound, counseling, a pre-operative examination, and the abortion, including sedation. For medical abortion, services include a follow-up visit.

Even though we are an outpatient abortion clinic based within a trauma hospital, we have been able to keep our cash prices affordable to help those most in need.

Prices vary based on gestational duration:

Medication abortion
Aspiration abortion
Dilation and evacuation

$540 …to 10 weeks 0 days
$490 …to 13 weeks 6 days
$880 …14 to 19 weeks
$1330 …20 to 24 weeks