Abortion services

First-trimester abortion

We provide first-trimester abortion by aspiration as a one-day procedure through 14 weeks.

Medication abortion

We offer medical abortion up to 10 weeks.

Second-trimester abortion

We provide second-trimester abortion by dilation and evacuation to a maximum gestation of 24 weeks, or a maximum biparietal diameter (BPD) of 58mm. Second-trimester D&E abortions require two visits, one for the pre-operative evaluation and cervical ripening and the second for the abortion.

Abortion beyond 24 weeks

We are able to offer termination beyond 24 weeks for pregnancies complicated by fetal anomalies with a grave prognosis or by a patient’s ill health.


In addition to abortion counseling and services (including on-site ultrasound), we provide contraceptive counseling and offer all methods of birth control, including contraceptive implants and IUDs immediately after abortion.

Pain control

The Women’s Options Center routinely uses intravenous sedation for abortion care. Patients get the amount of medicine they need to be comfortable.

Sedation requires patients to have someone accompany them home after the abortion. If patients prefer, they may use oral medications instead.